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Roberto Chichorro

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Born in 1941, Roberto Chichorro participated in his first exhibition in 1966 in what was then Lourenço Marques, now Maputo. The following year he had his first one-man exhibition in the same city.
He spent his childhood in the Mafalala, suburban area of Lourenço Marques, the frontier between the cement city of the whites and the cane city of the blacks. A mullato, he is himself a frontier between two cultures and constantly paints his childhood memories using a highly coloured palette where, in the words of Ana Mafaida Leite, "The parodised Chagailian backgrounds open one's eyes to the intensity of a magical, almost imponderable floating world". Chichorro lived in Mozambique until 1983 and held several one-man exhibitions both there and in Luanda, as well as participating in numerous exhibitions in Mozambique and abroad. In 1973 he received the "Aquisition" prize at the Angola Modern Art Salon.

In 1983 he went to Spain on a scholarship from the Spanish government to study ceramics and engraving. He had several exhibitions of his own there and participated in a number of others. In 1986 he went to Portugal on a scholarship from the Portuguese General Directorate for Cooperation and is still there, exhibiting both individually and collectively. In Portugal he has received an Honourable Mention at the Obidos Biennal in 1991. In 1997 he held a one-man exhibition in Maputo.

He is represented in the National Art Museum, the Lisbon Contemporary Art Museum and in public and official collections in Mozambique and other countries including Brazil, Italy, Tanzania and the United States.

"Acquisition" prize at the Angola Modern Art Salon, 1973. Honourable Mention at the Casino do Estoril Autumn Salon, Portugal, 1987. Honourable Mention at the Obidos Biennal, Portugal, 1991.


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